IQ Test Trainer

Neurophysiology program to improve user IQ

IQ Test Trainer is a brain-training program, created to increase the user's IQ through the use of a neurophysiological mechanism called backpropagation.

The IQ Test Trainer works in a very simple way: all the user has to do to begin the training is push the "start" button. Instantly, a series of words begin to roll through the screen, which need to be read and understood by the user.

Whenever you don't recognize a word, the Pause button has to be pressed and you are given up to 60 seconds to try and figure it out. If you run out of time, simply continue the test with the next word.

The training lasts only 5 minutes and users should repeat it twice a day for achieving best results. The IQ Test Trainer uses a well-known method to improve your IQ capabilities by up to 150%.